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Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss

Many women start to lose hair as early as their twenties. If this has been happening to you, then you are certainly not alone. A large percentage of women lose hair as they get older; and the earlier help is sought the quicker and easier the solution may be. The causes are varied, however most commonly women may lose hair in a similar way to men as their bodies change.


Just like a visit to the dentist, responding to small problems or warning signs has an easier solution then leaving it until after the damage has been done.

If perhaps your hair loss is just beginning and in the earlier stages of losing hair then Laser Therapy can be an answer. Low Level laser beam technology is used for the early treatment of hair loss and has proven extremely successful at arresting loss and regaining density again.

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If the loss is becoming quiet noticeable and you feel results must be achieved quickly, then the addition of new hair using a Step by Step approach can be used to rebuild the hairstyle. This can be done fast or slowly to thicken the hair over time.

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Ask your studio consultant for more advice about how this method can be used to re-build your hair and confidence.