Step by Step: natural, undetactable hair replacement

Step by Step: natural, undetectable hair replacement 

IHS works with the latest ‘Step by Step’ hair replacement techniques that ensure results are completely natural and undetectable, so you can feel your best. Non-surgical “Step by Step” grafting allows hair to be restored to its original or desired density, without any pain or operation.

This type of treatment can bring your hair back gradually, ensuring the regrowth is discreet unnoticeable to others. The hair can be created to thicken overtime, until the desired density is achieved. Grafting can also be used to replace hair faster, whether it is a receding hairline or a thinning crown.

hair replacement 
hair replacement 

“Step by Step” procedures are bespoke, and therefore vary from client to client. A consultation with one of our specialists will be necessary to determine the nature and cost of the procedure to be used. International Hair Studios comprises of understanding, experienced professionals trained in cutting edge hair replacement technology, who ensure your visit is educational, informative and completely confidential.

“Step by Step” non-surgical grafting utilises as much of client’s own healthy hair as possible. Hair is carefully sourced from our labs abroad and added to the skin and existing hair to bring back the full style. New hair is then added to the thinning areas, bringing back the full thickness and style. The hair is added in the same direction and pattern as the original hair growth, to obtain a result, which emulates the natural hair in every way. Regardless, if you are in the earlier stage of loss and only need a little hair added to your temples or if you have been thinning for years, International Hair Studio will advise you on the best way to build back the hair to a style you are comfortable with.

hair replacement 
hair replacement 

Your hair changes as you get older: an older man will usually thin around the temples or grey. It is possible to match this changing style with a non-surgical graft, whereas it used to be impossible with older techniques such as transplants. Many of our clients come to us and just want to look their age, not 30 years younger. With this type of treatment we can tailor it easily to get to your desired result.

Favoured by actors in Hollywood and Bollywood, “Step by Step” is the only procedure, which adds thickness and volume to hair, with the changes remaining undetectable – even under the scrutiny of the big screen. If you are particularly active, International Hair Studio can still help. We have helped kick-boxers, footballers, politicians, students and pensioners regain their confidence and we pride ourselves on offering the same level of care and attention to everyone.



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