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It is vitally important that anyone experiencing the first signs of hair loss should seek help and advice as soon as possible. Our renowned team of specialists are here to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding hair loss. And remember, your first appointment with us is a FREE consultation to explore the most appropriate treatment for YOU. However – we have listed here some of the most common questions put to us through email:

What is the cost of a hair loss treatment?

Because there are such a wide variety of hair loss conditions it is necessary to see each individual. That is why our consultations are free. There is no pressure, and this way you can ask specific and detailed questions that could not be answered by a brochure, email or website. And if you think you would rather talk to somebody before making an appointment, call your local studio and ask to speak with the consultant. They will be happy to give you as much information as possible to help you make a decision.

My hair loss problem is not so bad yet – should I wait until later?

Like many other things in life, the earlier hair loss is addressed the easier, quicker and less expensive the solution may be. It is much easier to fix some early thinning, than to leave it until the hair loss has become very evident. Also you would of course prefer not to be seen with hair which is really thinning, so it is best fixed early.

What type of hair regrowth treatments should I use?

This is the purpose of our initial consultation. With our equipment in the studio we will be able to show you what type of method would be the most effective for your particular situation. For example Laser Therapy or growth strategies may be useful at an early stage of loss; whereas reconstruction is preferable if the hair loss was more advanced or had been happening for a longer period of time.

Would my family and friends notice that I received a hair loss treatment?

Your family and friends do not need to know anything about your hair loss treatment, unless you wish to tell them. The results of hair regrowth procedures like Laser Therapy are just the normal growth of your hair getting stronger evenly and naturally every day; the reverse of how it started to fall. And rebuilding a hair style can be done “Step by Step” so that it can be brought back in gradual progressions over a suitable time frame. It is quite amazing that when your hair starts to look fuller and you start to appear looking a little better and sharper, friends are more likely to ask if you have lost weight or started working out. They are not expecting a change in the hair; except that you may have it cut or styled it differently.

Is Laser Therapy safe?

Absolutely. – The Laser is what is known as Low Level Laser Therapy or cold beam Laser technology. You will be able to see the laser light but you cannot feel it; just a light on the skin. The bio-stimulation is very good for the skin and increases its health and circulation. It also strengthens the hair shaft and prevents breakage.

Another clinic or doctor has suggested drugs for my hair?

International Hair Studio does not promote the use of oral drugs for hair loss. Simply the loss of hair though unwanted is a natural thing for the body to do. To use oral drugs for hair loss invites further hormonal side effects. Side effects of such drugs can be sexual dysfunction, and pregnant women should not even handle the tablets for chance of possible birth defects and damage to the baby. In our opinion for the minimal cosmetic effect that these drugs can provide, it is far outweighed by the risks. There are quite simply better ways to encourage hair growth and ones which promote health rather than harm it.

Can I use any style I like? Can I colour my hair?

Similarly we can create any style you desire; mohawks to dreadlocks. The hair can be coloured and highlighted, curled or straightened. Quite often we can achieve styles you have always wanted but have never been able to obtain with an ordinary hair dresser. Likewise traditional, classic and timeless styles are also popular. Styling is a limitless art and we recommend you bring in some of your younger photos of the hair when it was full, or style shots from magazines for inspiration. Our professional stylists will guide you to create the new you or just sharpen up the one.

I have dark skin and afro hair – can you help me?

Yes – no problem. All of the different hair types can be treated often in the same way. We have clients of every nationality and ethnic background.

But I’ve been told about a new transplant technique?

Every year there are new marketing names for techniques – old and new. It increases the sales of the clinics that provide them. FUE, micro grafts, mini grafts often just different names for the surgical transplant. Again the problem is not the technology to move the hair- it is the simple fact that there is not enough hair on the sides and back to give you sufficient density on the top. Transplants DO NOT give you more hair; but they move your problem around and this often leaves scars that make you wish that you would have done nothing at all.

Why are people no longer having the traditional transplants?

Although we have watched transplant techniques become better through the years, the problem with surgery is not the technology but the physics. If you suffer from a pattern of hair loss there simply is not enough donor hair to fill the gaps.

Transplants DO NOT create more hair, they just move it around. In any transplant the skin at the back of the head is cut and removed in strips or circles. This is then dissected into smaller parts and injected into the top of the head. Firstly this leaves scars at the back of the head, the severity of which is dependent on the skill of the surgeon however these will mean you may never want to have your hair cut short again as the scars are often obvious and unsightly.

Also on top of the head these transplants cannot be added in enough density to make the hairline look natural and give the style volume. Transplants do have their applications, but not on typical male and female pattern baldness as the amount of hair eventually lost is too much for the transplanted hair to conceal.

What is a non-surgical graft?

Some of the most profound breakthroughs have taken place in the non-surgical area of hair replacement. Due to the limitations of drugs and surgery, a full natural head of hair can best be achieved through this type of procedure. It is commonly accepted, that to date, this is the only technique that can provide the density of a full hairstyle and provide the same thickness and volume as the sides and back.

Is ‘Step by Step’ or non-surgical graft another name for a transplant?

No. “Step by Step” is the addition of hair in a technique that gives the result of a full head of hair but does not require any surgery. There is no operation or chance of any side effects.

What do you think of Regaine – will it work?

Regaine (Rogaine) is a brand name of Minoxidil. This is a substance that dilates the blood vessels surrounding the hair follicle and scavenging some extra blood flow. This tends to create fine hair growth from still active follicles. Unfortunately this hair tends to be short lived as the skin becomes accustomed to the constant use. So as a standalone treatment for hair growth Regaine is not a permanent solution. However when used with Laser Therapy Minoxidil can be an effective accelerator. The dilation of the blood vessels can speed up the growth of the hair treated with Laser and also it encourages further fine hair which the Laser can build into a stronger growth.

What do you think of Propecia?

This is only our opinion however it must be remembered that most hair loss is not due to disease or ill health. In fact the loss of hair in a pattern is a natural part of how the body is programmed to age. To treat this with an oral medication is difficult.

Propecia is a 1mg dosage of a drug originally called Finasteride, which was previously used for the treatment of the Prostate. This drug is a synthetic anti-androgen and has showed it can slow the rate of hair loss. However it may do so at the cost of substantial side effects; and that is why we at International Hair Studio do not use or prescribe it.

The side effects of this drug are usually related to the sex drive. Original claims by the drug manufacturer described the percentage of side effects to be very low; however in our experience we have found that talking to any five users usually at least two would admit effects to the sex drive such as impotence. And as this information isn’t a subject men like to talk about or admit to it is likely that this percentage could even be higher.

It has been recently reported that the latest Swedish studies have worryingly suggested that it is possible that some of these side effects could be permanent. It is our opinion that for the little gain of hair the user usually obtains, the potential risks far outweigh the rewards. We suggest that anyone recommended or considering this should seriously research this type of treatment; as often it is prescribed very casually by clinics who may not properly consider the clients well being.

I’m older and do not want too much hair. I just want to look my real age.

We want to make you look and feel great, no matter what your age. We can add as much or as little hair as you would like. For older clients we can create thinner styles with recession, grey hair or whatever features you may like your hair to have.


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