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If you are looking for professional afro hair transplants in Reading, then you have landed in the right place. International Hair Studio offer a range of hair loss solutions for all types of hair. The days of longing for luscious thick locks can now become a reality with our afro hair transplants.

We have over three decades of experience in the industry and a team of specialists with a wealth of knowledge to share. Our experienced British surgeons have seen an abundance of hair types over the years and specialise in afro hair transplants.



Why Choose International Hair Studio For Afro Hair Transplants In Reading?

Our hair clinic located in the town centre, is discrete and has minimum signage so our clients can have privacy. We offer hair transplants for afro hair UK which are low-priced and of high quality. So you can enjoy excellent services at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank.

There are occasions where people choose to travel abroad for their hair transplants, but with International Hair Studio you don’t need to. As we have a group of select professionals and most qualified doctors for afro hair transplants UK, our solutions are second to none. All our treatments provided are of first-class standards whilst still remaining affordable. This is something we have continued to maintain with our services throughout the years.

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What Do Men or Women’s Afro Hair Transplant Involve?

Afro hair transplants have become increasingly popular, but what does the process involve?

A hair transplant involves moving hair from an area which has not been affected by hair loss, to a balding part of the body. Healthy hair follicles which are not disposed to balding are selected by the surgeon and implanted into desired areas affected by hair loss. The outcome of a hair transplant is to provide thick and even hair regrowth. An afro hair transplant is essentially the same process but for the afro hair type specifically. It is common for black hair types to receive black hair transplants; however this procedure is still applicable for all afro hair.

Both males and females opt for hair transplantation procedures. As a standard practice, the affected areas will always be examined first to diagnose any medical conditions which could be causing the hair loss. If you are seeking men or women’s afro hair transplant in Reading, pop into our clinic and speak to one of our qualified members of staff. You can also fill in our online form to book a free consultation online today.

Please note we also have video consultations available, in line with the latest regulations.

Does A FUT Or FUE Procedure Work For Black Hair Transplants?

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. This is the process of withdrawing hair follicles from the rear side of your scalp. Once these hair follicles are removed, they are then used to cover balding areas elsewhere.

After an FUT procedure completed by a trained surgeon, the hair should grow back looking healthy and natural. As this surgery can leave a small scar at the site of hair extraction, it is recommended for longer hair types. Therefore, FUE may be more a more suitable option for a black hair transplant and all afro hair types.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and provide a natural hairline result. The difference in this method is that healthy hair follicles are implanted to replace lost areas of hair. FUE is relatively unobtrusive and can be achieved within a shorter time frame. FUE procedures cause minimum scarring as they are carried out under a microscope.

This makes FUE treatments with us a great solution for those looking for afro or black hair transplants in Reading.

It’s not always easy to determine which type of afro hair transplant you should get. Speak to one of our specialists today for advice and book yourself in for a consultation for afro hair transplants UK.

What Is The Cost Of An Afro Hair Transplant In Reading?

On average for a black hair transplant in Reading at IHS, a hair graft will start from as little as £2. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate fees for something you cannot control. Therefore, you can experience luxury treatments with us at an ideal price. Whether you are looking for men or women’s afro hair transplants UK, rest-assured you are in safe hands with us.

Afro hair transplants in Reading have become more affordable overtime. Different factors will affect the determined price of a hair transplant, such as the number of hair grafts required, the volume of hair loss and the size of the donor area. At International Hair Studio, we have finance options available for customers who want to split the costs over a year.

You can receive an upfront quote from an experienced doctor before your consultation. That being said, scheduling a consultation with International Hair Studio is the most accurate way to get a quote.

Get in touch with International Hair Studio today to enquire or book your first free consultation today. You can contact our hair clinic in Reading by calling 0118 334 2416 or emailing info@internationalhairstudio.com.

View the story of Theo Baker, vlogging enthusiast, who’s hair was transformed by a hair transplant with International Hair Studio.


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