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James' Story

James Kennedy is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert who specializes in body transformation. He is the owner of get-focused.co.uk , the UKBFF 3x regional champion and can usually be found on the podium at national body building championships across the country.

James approached International Hair Studio in 2012 and had his hair thickened with Laura, Richard and the team in our London office. His hair is now full and fresh and keeps up with his fantastically developed physique

We are often asked at IHS can I still go to the gym when I have hair treatment. Our answer is simply to look at James and ‘check out those abs’. (You can see Alan Titchmarsh inspecting them on his television programme.) James trains hard for hours everyday and his hair looks great.

James is a warm, charming guy and loves to train individuals at his home down in Southampton. Check him out at www.get-focused.co.uk

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