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Julia approached International Hair Studio when she became concerned and self-conscious about the appearance and thinning of her usually lovely long hair. Julia comes from a medical background, both a professor and a paramedic, and she typified how a lot of women feel if their hair starts to thin. Julia uses the International Hair Studio Laser Therapy program under the watchful eye of the London Team. 

“Staff at the International Hair Studio really know what they are talking about and although complete strangers to me at the beginning, they inspired me with the confidence I needed to start a programme of treatment with them – and I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that I did. Clichee though it is ‘I have never looked back!’

I am a natural sceptic but their enthusiasm for their treatments was abundant – I knew this was not just a sales pitch – they truly believe in what they are offering to us and their commitment influenced my decision to sign on the dotted line.

I have had amazing results already. The new growth of hair has made such a difference to me on so many levels. My confidence is back, I feel good about myself and I am not for ever trying to find ways to make my hair look fuller and thicker.

The I.H.S. team were completely frank and open about the treatment and I appreciated that. I like that in a service. I want direct information, no sugar coating and that was what I got but, at the same time, I never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable as this team really understands what hair loss means to individuals and the team have been there every step of the way to answer my questions and offer support. I trust this team and that is important to me.

After two months I noticed that my hair loss was slowing down, that was exciting in itself but when I started to notice all the ‘baby’ new growth hair all over my head, I could not hide my pure delight and why would I want to? This treatment is working for me and I want others in the same situation as me to share that joy for themselves.”

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