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Natalia was delighted with the result of her Laser Therapy program.
Natalia came to IHS concerned about her fine hair which was continuing to thin. Her hair loss was diffuse and the loss exaggerated in the frontal area, sides and temples.
Natalia’s hair loss has been treated using the International Hair Studio “Laser Therapy” Program. She undertook treatment in studio and at home over the period of nine months.
As Natalia’s hair had thinned all over, her hair was treated throughout. The result is a much thicker, fuller style – which has done much to increase not only her hair density and condition but also her confidence as well. Natalia’s hair became more dense, the hair itself thicker and the strands stronger.
As can be seen by the photographs Natalia’s hair became more dense, the hair thicker and the strands stronger – giving her a fuller head of hair again. Laser Therapy helps increase the blood circulation to the skin, in turn delivering more protein to the hair and increasing its life cycle, helping it to continue to grow properly.
Laser Therapy is best used for people that are in the earlier stages of hair loss or when the hair requires  extra strengthening.

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