Thinning crown

Thinning crown 

A thinning crown is a very common type of hair loss. Often, people believe that this is a natural part of ageing, and we should just live with it as nothing can be done to stop it. However, this is not the case. If treated early, it is possible to reverse the effects, as well as treating some more advanced stages to regain a full head of hair. 

Below is a client who came for a free consultation when hair thinning around the crown had just begun. Our experts suggested a course of Laser Treatment, which helped his natural hair grow back to a thick density.

This type of hair loss can often go unnoticed in the early stages, as it is in a place that is commonly out of sight. You may still have a thick head of hair surrounding the crown but without seeking expert advice, you will be unable to predict how your hair loss is likely to progress. Many people visit us for an expert opinion when they are just beginning to lose their hair. If you aren’t sure about your hair loss or you aren’t quite ready for a face-to-face consultation, you can always email us pictures of your hair for an expert insight.   

Below is an example of one of our clients whose hair loss had developed around the crown, with extensive thinning that revealed the scalp. Using our “Step by Step” treatment we carefully sourced hair from our labs abroad and added it to the existing hair to bring back the full style. The hair is added in the same direction and pattern as the original hair growth, to obtain a result, which emulates the natural hair in every way.  

IHS offers many types of treatments for all types of hair loss. In the case of a thinning crown, we would arrange a treatment that suits your hair and lifestyle needs, whilst also guaranteeing results. If this type of hair loss is caught early on you may find that the treatment required isn’t too extensive. To find out about all the treatments we have to offer visit our treatments page https://internationalhairstudio.com/treatments/ 


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