Afro Hair Transplants In London – Book Your Free Consultation!

Afro Hair Transplants In London – Book Your Free Consultation!

Looking for an afro hair transplant from a professional yet affordable hair clinic in London? You’ve found the right place. Gone are the days of wishing your hair could be thicker or look fuller with only limited options available for treatment. International Hair Studio provide a variety of hair loss solutions for all hair types, including afro hair.

With over thirty years of industry experience, our team of surgeons and specialists have been selected by the best to provide the best. As we work with all different hair types, you can be sure you are in the right hands for afro hair transplants in London.

Why Choose International Hair Studio For Afro Hair Transplants In London?

Our hair clinic in London can be found on Bickenhall Street and is in a discreet location with minimum signage. This ensures all our clients feel comfortable coming into our clinic and that their privacy is respected. We provide hair transplants for afro hair UK which are affordable whilst still remaining high in quality. This is so you can benefit from luxury services without the worries of breaking the bank.

Often with afro hair transplants, people opt for travelling abroad as they believe services will be cheaper or cannot find a suitable hair clinic which can do the procedure. Upon discovering International Hair Studio, you won’t need to. All of our surgeons are qualified experts in the hair loss field and have worked with many customers looking for afro hair transplants UK. Our hair loss solutions are unrivalled and we take pride in delivering first class standards for everyone to enjoy.



What Do Men or Women’s Afro Hair Transplant Involve?

A hair transplant procedure involves moving hair from areas unaffected by hair loss to desired areas experiencing hair loss. The surgeon will select healthy hair follicles and implant them into balding parts of the head. After a hair transplant is complete, hair regrowth will take place and result in more even, thick and full hair. An afro hair transplant will be the same type of process but for afro hair types. This procedure works for all afro hair types, although black hair transplants are most common.

If you need professional advice on men or women’s afro hair transplants in London, get in contact with our clinic. You can book a free consultation online today which can be in person or via video call for whatever feels most comfortable.

What Procedures Work For Black Hair Transplants?

FUE treatments are the most common procedure for black hair transplants. FUE is a Follicular Unit Extraction and results in natural hair regrowth. This typically involves an unobtrusive method of implanting healthy hair follicles in areas which have endured balding. Due to a quicker regrowth time and minimum scarring, FUE treatments for afro hair transplants is a great solution.

Compared to FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), FUE is most suitable for afro and black hair transplants. This is because FUT can leave a small scar at the extraction area and is recommended more for longer hair types.

If you aren’t sure on which type of hair transplant for afro hair you require, speak to one of our qualified members of staff from our hair clinic in London. They can guide and assist you on the best procedures available for afro hair transplants UK.

What Is The Cost Of An Afro Hair Transplant In London?

A black hair transplant in London at our clinic will cost as little as £2 for a hair graft. We want our services to be accessible to everyone, which is why we don’t believe in making clients pay high fees for something they cannot control. Whether you are seeking a men or women’s afro hair transplant, you can enjoy first-class standards at a reasonable price.

There are some factors which can affect the cost for an afro hair transplant in London. These will include the extent of hair loss and number of hair grafts needed. We also have 0% finance options available for customers who would rather spread the costs over a 12 month time frame.

You can also receive a quote from one of our skilled trained professionals before your consultation. This way you’ll have a close estimate of what the costs could incur. However, we do recommend scheduling a consultation beforehand as this is the best way to receive an accurate quote. Please also note, initial consultations are free of charge.

Contact International Hair Studio today to find out more on our afro hair transplants or to book your free consultation. Get in touch with our hair clinic in London by calling 020 7486 7077 or emailing info@internationalhairstudio.com.

With our afro hair transplants in London, you are sure to achieve the results you are after. Take a look at a short story of one of our clients, Theo Baker, who underwent complete hair transformation at International Hair Studio. The results speak for themselves!


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