Unshaven Hair Transplant In London – Book Your Free Consultation!

Unshaven Hair Transplant In London – Book Your Free Consultation!

Hair loss can be a sensitive personal issue for many people. Often, the thought of having to shave off existing hair for hair restoration treatments can add more stress to the issue. At International Hair Studio our customers confidence and happiness are of top priority. Most of our doctors and surgeons have in fact experienced their own hair loss in the past and understand thoroughly what this process feels like. And not to worry, there are treatments available if you wish to have a discreet procedure with inconspicuous results. The solution in these cases is to undergo an unshaven FUE hair transplant.

What is an unshaven hair transplant?

An unshaven hair transplant is essentially a hair transplant without shaving. This means the procedure does not involve hair being shaved. As a result, FUE hair transplants can take place whilst preserving the existing hairs from both the donor and recipient sites. The donor site is the section of hair which has not been affected by balding, whereas the recipient site is the area which receives the hair transplant.

When undergoing a unshaven FUE hair transplant, the only hair follicles which will be trimmed slightly are from the donor site. This will enable the trimmed donor hair to blend in and be covered by the existing ones. The results are an almost undetectable hair restoration procedure. The procedure is suitable for men and women, so both can receive a hair transplant without shaving required.

No shave hair transplants offer the opportunity to return to daily life with little to no signs of surgery. This is perfect for those who wish to undergo a hair transplant discreetly.

Unsure on if an unshaven FUE hair transplant is what you need? Speak to one of our advisors or book a free consultation online on our website.



Where can I get a unshaven FUE hair transplant in London?

International Hair Studio have a professional hair clinic in London which is located in Bickenhall street. Within close proximity of the Baker street tube line, our hair clinic has minimal signage for the utmost discretion. This way all of our clients can feel reassured and comfortable when entering our premises.

We offer a range of hair loss solutions including no shave hair transplants. Our skilled surgeons are up there with the best in the UK and have ample experience in this technique. With a team of expert qualified professionals and surgeons, you are sure to be in safe hands at International Hair Studio. You can also receive an unshaven FUE hair transplant at International Hair Studio from as little as £2 per graft. Therefore, you can enjoy our high quality services at an affordable price.

What are the top advantages of no shave hair transplants?

  • No pain is felt due to local anaesthetics being applied before the procedure
  • It is a hair transplant without shaving required
  • They are ideal for patients who want to cover up scars from previous follicle harvesting
  • Crusts and scarring are hardly visible due to being camouflaged by hair
  • Hair transplants with no shave offer natural looking results
  • The recovery time for the procedure is faster than other transplantation techniques
  • Newly transplanted hairs into the recipient site will be permanent

If you are looking for an unshaven FUE hair transplant in London, choose International Hair Studio. We have a range of paying methods available including 0% finance options. So, should you want to split the costs over 12 months, you can! For enquiries or more information please call 020 7486 7077.

What Our Clients Think

Take a look below at one of our esteemed success stories. Football and gaming vlogger, Theo Baker, came to International Hair Studio with his hair loss concerns. Seeing the results and what he thinks of his experience at International Hair Studio.


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