Hair Implants In Reading – Book Your Free Consultation Today!

Hair Implants In Reading – Book Your Free Consultation Today!

Hair loss is a sensitive issue that can affect both women and men at any age. Because of the impact it has on a person’s confidence, not everyone feels comfortable seeking help. Establishing the root cause of hair loss is the key to finding the most suitable procedures. This is dependent on the desired recovery time and the personal circumstances of each individual.

Hair implants are one of the most sought-after hair loss treatments available today. The main reason being that they offer instant results. This makes hair implants a viable option for those who wish to have a discreet and quick hair loss solution.

Are Hair Implants And Hair Transplants The Same?

Although they may sound the same, hair transplants and implants are both different procedures. A hair transplant, known as FUT or FUE, is where healthy hair follicles are inserted into balding areas of the head.

A hair implant on the other hand, is where synthetic hair is implanted into the scalp. The synthetic material is selected so that it matches the individual’s exact hair colour and texture. This helps masquerade any signs of hair dissimilarity to give a realistic appearance. Hair implants also offer immediate results as soon as the procedure is over. The results also maintain themselves easily as the chosen hair length will not change unless it has been cut.

Where To Find Hair Implants In Reading

Along with various other hair loss solutions, you can receive hair implants in Reading at our IHS clinic. We use state-of-the-art modern technology and the latest industry practices to provide professional treatments that you can afford. These include laser hair treatment, unshaven hair transplants, hair implants, and many more.

We have some of the country’s leading specialists at our clinic who are here to find a solution to your hair loss problems. You can find our hair loss clinic in Reading located discreetly on London Street. This is nearby to car parks and bus stops, and only a ten-minute walk from Reading train station. We understand it can be daunting walking into a hair loss clinic for the first time, which is why we have minimal signage around our premises. Feel at ease when getting your hair implants in Reading with International Hair Studio.


Choosing International Hair Studio For Hair Implants In Reading

At International Hair Studio, we have a team of top-qualified doctors who are here to help you reach your hair goals. Our surgeons are CQC registered and have a wealth of experience in providing various hair loss solutions.

Upon your first experience with us, you will receive your first hair implants consultation free of charge. This is a no-obligation appointment so you can decide how and if you want to move forward. Our specialist hair doctor will access your situation and present a suitable treatment plan. This will be down to you and your specific needs.

If you would like hair implants in Reading that achieve realistic and instant results, contact us today. We provide both hair implants for women and hair implants for men. You can book your free consultation with us either online or by getting in touch.

We strive to keep all our services accessible to everyone. This is why we have finance options available to those who prefer to split the costs over time. For more information on our range of hair loss treatments, call 0118 334 2416 or email us at info@internationalhairstudio.com. Start your journey and regain your confidence with International Hair Studio.

View one of our video testimonials above to see the success story behind Theo Baker’s hair transplant procedure with International Hair Studio.


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