Whether you love or hate Trump, Americas new controversial president, there is no denying that when it comes to his locks he has a head turning appeal. It was recently revealed by Donald Trumps personal doctor that he daily takes medication to treat hair loss called Finasteride. Not only this but he also credited the medication for helping with his own hair loss experience.


So what is Finasteride and what does it do?

Finasteride, also known as the brand name Propecia, is an oral drug that is commonly used to treat male pattern baldness in a 1mg dosage, which was previously used for the treatment of the Prostate.

This drug is a synthetic anti-androgen and has showed it can slow the rate of hair loss and has been through trials that show some promising statistics. However, it may do so at the cost of substantial side effects; and that is why we at International Hair Studio do not use or prescribe it. In fact the loss of hair in a pattern is a natural part of how the body is programmed to age, to treat this with an oral medication is difficult and should be taken with great care.

The side effects of this drug are usually related to the sex drive. Original claims by the drug manufacturer described the percentage of side effects to 15.8 percent of men; however, in our experience we have found that talking to any five users usually at least two would admit effects to the sex drive such as impotence. As this is a subject men don’t comfortably talk about or admit to it is likely that this percentage could even be higher. There also may be a decrease of ejaculate seen by the men who take this drug, according to the FDA approval data. These effects can also last after men stop taking the drug.

It has been recently reported that the latest Swedish studies have worryingly suggested that it is possible that some of these side effects could be permanent. It is our opinion that for the little gain of hair the user usually obtains, the potential risks far outweigh the rewards. We suggest that anyone recommended or considering this should seriously research this type of treatment; as often it is prescribed very casually by clinics who may not properly consider the clients well being.

If you are experiencing hair loss it is always best to seek expert advice and find out all of the options that available to you. When it comes to treating hair loss its not one size fits all, depending on your type of hair loss and lifestyles needs will determine the best treatment for you. To find out more why not contact one of our friendly team to book a free consultation https://internationalhairstudio.com/contact/

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