Will thickening shampoos help with hair loss?

When you’re experiencing hair loss, it is very easy to get bogged down and confused with the countless treatments and claims that you may find online.

It can be all too easy for any product to claim that it “helps hair growth” (even a glass of milk helps hair growth); and as anyone can create a website these days, it is hard to know who you can trust. To make it easier, we would like to share with you a little information to help you decide on the right course of action.

Today’s subject is: ‘Can “thickening” shampoos give me more hair?’

There are many supposed “thickening” shampoo products on the market these days, and their claims can be a little confusing and perhaps too ambitious.

Everyone needs a good shampoo, and to use products that work well with their hair type. However, some people have dry scalps, others have oily and some are in between, there really isn’t a one product size fits all.

Supposed ‘hair thickening’ shampoos generally work to dry out the hair shaft, to make it look and feel slightly coarse, giving the hair hopefully more body and making there appear more. This is good. However, the prolonged use of these products, especially if you start with normal to dry hair initially, can leave the hair dry, dull and prone to breakage and loss. (This is bad.)

There is not a perfect shampoo for everybody. Ideally when you wash your hair, the product you use should leave it soft, clean, feeling fluffy and correctly conditioned. If your hair is instead feeling squeaky and straw like then the products you are using may be leaving your hair on the dry side -which leads to dull, porous hair and lead to breakage.

After looking at various sites featuring pictures of serious looking German gentleman in white coats, and sporting bar graphs that really explain nothing at all; we are here to say that shampoos that work above the skin have little to do with the growth which comes from the hair follicles underneath. However, it certainly is important to look after the fibre of the hair and keep it clean and conditioned.

So, in summary, no – “Thickening” shampoos are not proven to grow more hair. However, they can make your hair coarser giving it more body and better to style. However just be careful that their prolonged use does not work against you, and damage your hair’s texture making it dry and dull.

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