Exciting Headlines or Fake News?

It is becoming more and more difficult for anyone to tell the difference between something real or fake news. Typically every 6 months or so, we hear of a new revolutionary drug or treatment to cure baldness. As you could imagine, having been in the business of solving hair loss for over 30 years we at IHS have heard them all… The real things that have proven results we research and utilise in our treatments… the other stuff goes to Hogwarts.

Not only are people battling with fake news, but headlines can also be very misleading. For example we have recently come across a post that claims to have found a potential new cure for hair loss, which isn’t uncommon, we see these declarations on a regular basis.

This one in particular does mention that researchers have found a drug that has a more dramatic effect on hair loss compared to current medication. However, we feel that this is still very early days to be announcing as a potential new cure to hair loss without any clinical trials taken place. You can view the article here to make up your own mind, but in the meantime until this possible new cure makes it way to our shelves, we have some words of wisdom…

The most important thing we’ve learnt over that time is to deal with the here and now. If your problem with hair loss is here, then now is the time to treat it. The number one fact about hair loss is – the sooner it is treated the better. So whatever you do, act now to fix your hair loss. Safe, effective and reliable solutions are available, you don’t need to wait for the next thing.

Don’t put up with hair loss. Don’t wait. Don’t put your life on hold.

The most important thing is to select the correct solution for your type or pattern of loss. Non-surgical replacement techniques are ideal for creating extra density, surgical procedures like FUE are great for correcting smaller areas. Laser Therapy or PRP is for growing it back, but you want to use these when you catch it early. Hair loss is fixed everyday, how do you think those actors and musicians in their later years still look so good.

That being said you don’t need to be George Clooney to afford to fix your hair. There are some people think that hair restoration may be out of their reach but you may be surprised how affordable it is. The majority of clients are every day people just wanting to return their hair back to how it was before the loss or thinning. Also these are the days of interest free finance options, so it may be a case of just a little bit of money a month over a year or two.

Do something now. Otherwise by the time the miracle arrives you and your hair may not be around to see it….To find out more about the possible treatments that could help with your hair loss, just visit our treatments page.

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