Looking to go abroad for Hair Transplants? Think again.

Our comments on recent news of botched hair transplants abroad – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6830281/When-hair-transplants-WRONG.html?ito=social-facebook

So, have you been looking at, or possibly even booked, a hair transplant abroad?

Our Director was asked this week to comment on news articles about the disasters of cheap surgeries abroad: –

“People often make presumptions that transplants are a quick and easy solution to hair loss, because of what they have read or seen online. However, transplants are not a wise choice for everyone or a fix for all types of hair loss.

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles, tiny pieces of skin, are cut and removed from the back of the head and transplanted to the top and front. The term FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is the most modern form of this.

Although this technology provides a way to move hair, with much less scarring than ever before, the client needs to have enough hair on the back and sides that if an amount was taken for the top, the donor area would still have enough hair density that the removal would not be evident and scarring not noticeable. Also, the recreation of a natural hairline is very important, and it takes artistic skill for the surgeon to do this to the best effect.

So, the physician performing the transplant needs to be not only a great surgeon, suitably artistic to create the correct results – he also needs to be honest about the candidate’s suitability for the procedure in the first place.

In countries abroad, such as Turkey, many of the standards of British medicine are not the same.  Often clinics that seem very professional and welcoming online, with a nice website, will hire people with little or no training to perform the procedure just so they can keep prices low. Also, they are never going to tell you that ‘perhaps your hair type makes you a bad candidate’, or that transplants are not right for you.

As to costs, you must remember the amount that you invest, must be enough to pay for:

– a skilled and practiced surgeon

– the surgical rooms and everything that goes with running and maintaining these

– sterilising the rooms and equipment for the operation

– the surgical team of nurses and all of their equipment and supplies

– the anaesthetics used

– the antibiotics and pain killers

– the emergency equipment should there be any complications

Personally, there are no areas there that I would like to scrimp or save on. And sometimes you pay for what you get. Cheap is cheap, and you should not be cheap when it comes to your body and cosmetic surgery.”

So, the race for clients, or more accurately client’s money, seems to have outweighed the concerns on quality, with many transplants being done poorly leaving long term scarring, infections and sometimes irreversible damage. Just a few examples of this can be seen here

As consumers, we must always be aware of the reasons that something is cheap. In the case of surgery to your body, common sense must prevail that the cheap and nasty may not be the wise option. We would all prefer a top surgeon designing our future appearance, not an ex-taxi driver. Remember cheap is cheap!

Rest assured, there is definitely a place for transplants when they are done correctly.  We have helped many thousands of clients with outstanding hair results. These people have been properly consulted and the treatments correctly recommended. We feel that it is also firstly important to provide lots of information beforehand, so clients can make an informed decision, www.internationalhairstudio.com/hair-transplant/ and then have world-class surgeons, facilities and the best of aftercare on hand.

What is our advice?

Firstly, you need to know – what is the right procedure for you. Hair transplants are not the only method for replacing hair.

This decision can only be made in consultation with a professional; one who can determine the cause of the hair loss, the present condition of the hair, the hair’s suitability and then also consider the loss still to occur in the weeks/months/years ahead.

Cheap Clinics in Turkey and alike don’t care about this – they just want you to hand over the cash. As soon as you pay your money, and you ‘the foreigner’ gets back on the plane home, they are not interested. Their job is done, and often so is the damage.

So, on choosing your clinic, choose someone accessible for aftercare. After your procedure there are going to be queries and questions you have, and like any medical procedure there are always cases that require a second look by the surgeon, or some further treatment. If this is necessary and you have just returned from overseas then you would be forced to try to get help in the UK from your NHS GP, which can be difficult. Our pay privately for reparative work. Again, you would rather have a team of trained medical professionals and specialists on hand, with your better interests in mind.

At International Hair Studio we see many of these people after they have received poor advice and treatment elsewhere. Our specialists have been repairing botched hair transplants and other procedures for over 25 years. People are later generally recommended to International Hair Studio, as experts who can help them correct the damage and restore their appearance. Why not just get the job done properly in the first place?

Call our world-renowned team for advice. Specialists are based in London, Stockholm and Reading are available to help you make the right decision. Call us today to speak to one of our friendly team www.internationalhairstudio.com/contact/

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