Diagnosing Women’s Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss is medically known as Alopecia and there are different types that are caused by different reasons. It is estimated that around 50% of women over the age of 65 experience some degree of thinning hair.

Losing your hair as a woman can be extremely difficult, especially if you start experiencing loss at a young age. The social stigma attached to women’s hair loss can sadly affect a woman’s confidence and how they perceive themselves.

Alopecia is something that you need to address early before damage can really set in. Also ideally before it gets to the stage that others can see it too. If you feel as though you can see a difference in your hair growth, then it is always best to seek an expert to find out if you are losing your hair and why this could be happening.

What to do if you notice hair loss (alopecia)

There are many types of hair loss and not all are permanent. Its best you know the reasons why thinning is occurring and if/how is it likely to progress. If you are worried about your hair, asking friends or family or taking pictures to evaluate – it is time to get some professional advice.

That said you don’t want to go straight to a surgeon or a salesman that may have just one procedure or product to offer. It is no surprise that most people who walk into transplant surgeries are sold transplants, even if they don’t need them. Sadly sometimes even though we feel a surgeon is a medical doctor who can be trusted, they still don’t make any money unless they convince you that their particular method is the best.

How we can help you

International Hair studio is the best first step. IHS will advise what type of procedure is correct for the different types of hair loss. That way you will know the best treatment path for your hair and not just sign up to whatever is being sold. International Hair Studio’s first consultations are free, this way people can make an informed choice on the different types of procedures and why a particular route is best for them. IHS will consider the stage of the hair loss when selecting treatment but will also look at your lifestyle needs as well as the physical symptoms. For example some people are conscious of making gains too fast, in case other people may notice. Concerns like this can be discussed and taken into consideration so you feel comfortable about what to expect.

The best way for you to help yourself when you start to notice a loss of hair is see a professional. The Internet is so full of false information and claims from supposedly reputable sources all with something to sell. However you can use the web to find your nearest alopecia support group. It is always reassuring to here you are not alone and that other people have overcome their problem, but remember no other person’s hair is exactly like you.

If you would like to speak to an expert for advice before committing to a free consultation then just give one of our friendly team a call. Call 0207 486 7077 for our London studio or 08222850 for our Stockholm studio. Or alternatively look at up about what to expect from your first consultation at https://internationalhairstudio.com/your-consultation/

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