female hair loss (alopecia)

Many women experience hair loss (alopecia) as early as their twenties. If this has been happening to you, then you are certainly not alone. A large percentage of women lose hair as they get older; and the earlier help is sought the quicker and easier the solution may be. The causes are varied, however most commonly women may lose hair in a similar way to men as their bodies change.

Now many of you won’t need an introduction to Kristin who played the character Charlotte in the popular TV series, Sex and the City. During the six seasons of the show we have seen Kristin look nothing less than flawless with her beautiful and luscious, brown locks. Since the show ended the star who is...
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As you know, when researching anything on the internet, you will more than likely find ten unhelpful and incorrect sources to every one trust worthy website. It can be very hard to know the difference, or who to trust. Anyone can create a website and claim to be an expert, but many of these companies...
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It is true that everyone’s hair is shedding a certain amount on a daily basis – this is normal. So how do you know when your hair is actually thinning, or its just going through its natural cycle? Your hair is always in a constant state of change and it is said that on average...
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womens alopecia
Hair loss is medically known as Alopecia and there are different types that are caused by different reasons. It is estimated that around 50% of women over the age of 65 experience some degree of thinning hair. Losing your hair as a woman can be extremely difficult, especially if you start experiencing loss at a...
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When following the latest hair trends the last thing that is likely to cross your mind is the long-term effect these styles may have on your hair, resulting in hair loss (Traction Alopecia). Different cultures, styles or sporting pursuits can be the cause of lasting damage. Many African cultures may tie their hair in tight...
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So… you went to a big place who advertise a lot… maybe in London, and they have prescribed you some hair loss drugs — high strength Minoxidil solution and some tablets called Propecia. It is sad that there are organizations that place profit over people’s health. Prescribing medications to all who walk in their doors....
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Hair stylists are extremely important for the aftercare once we have helped you gain your new head of hair. We won’t just send you away to deal with it on your own but help you make it right for you. We can also help you with tips and ways to cover up thinning hair until you...
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