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Our comments on recent news of botched hair transplants abroad – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6830281/When-hair-transplants-WRONG.html?ito=social-facebook So, have you been looking at, or possibly even booked, a hair transplant abroad? Our Director was asked this week to comment on news articles about the disasters of cheap surgeries abroad: – “People often make presumptions that transplants are a quick and...
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“Mark, Richard and the team at International Hair Studios I cannot recommend enough and the quality of service/attentiveness of everyone who works here is truly humbling. When I first came to have a consultation, talking about losing your hair is quite an awkward subject but straight away I was made to feel at ease by...
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It is becoming more and more difficult for anyone to tell the difference between something real or fake news. Typically every 6 months or so, we hear of a new revolutionary drug or treatment to cure baldness. As you could imagine, having been in the business of solving hair loss for over 30 years we...
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When you’re experiencing hair loss, it is very easy to get bogged down with the countless websites and sales brochures that one would encounter. Anyone can create a website these days it’s hard to know what “experts” you can trust. To make it easier we’ve decided to help with blog post that feature the different...
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When you’re experiencing hair loss, it is very easy to get bogged down and confused with the countless treatments and claims that you may find online. It can be all too easy for any product to claim that it “helps hair growth” (even a glass of milk helps hair growth); and as anyone can create...
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At IHS we would like to address some of the myths of treating hair loss, such as vitamins and tablets on the market that claim to restore your hair. There are so many things in the shops and on the internet claiming to help our hair – but which ones actually work?  When people start...
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