Will vitamins help my hair?

At IHS we would like to address some of the myths of treating hair loss, such as vitamins and tablets on the market that claim to restore your hair. There are so many things in the shops and on the internet claiming to help our hair – but which ones actually work? 

When people start losing hair they are naturally tempted to buy most things that they read may help. However every time you spend time and money to try something that brings no result or relief, it chips away at your confidence and faith that anything will help at all. So we would like to help by giving you some of our thoughts.

Let’s start with vitamins. Will vitamin formulas advertised for hair loss really help?

Sadly probably not. Most people we see are not lacking in the vitamins required for hair growth. On the market these days there are many, may we say overpriced, vitamin formulas designed to aid your hair. And whilst extra vitamins generally won’t do any harm, you should not be paying above the odds for general supplements.

On the tube most days there are vitamin companies that advertise their formulas for specific people. Old people, young people, men, woman, before pregnancy, after pregnancy, for hair loss, for healthy skin… the list goes on and on. These are often general multivitamin mixes with one or two added ingredients and trace elements to substantiate a point of difference and an elevated price tag.

Again although vitamins are generally good for us especially if you feel that your dietary intake is inadequate, if the reason for your hair loss is genetic and hormonal (androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness) then taking vitamins is really not going to change much at all. So certainly take vitamins to aid your general health and well being (and some Vitamin D especially in the European winter ahead may be a good thing) but don’t expect that it will always make a great impact on your hair.

What to do if you suffer from hair loss

If hair loss is a problem for you then why no call someone who can really help.  The team at International Hair Studio have decades of experience advising effect treatments for the cure and prevention of hair loss. Call our U.K. Studio +44 2074867077 or Swedish centres + 46 8 222850 today for the right advice. 

That being said good nutrition is important for beautiful hair and healthy growth. Follow our blog for future posts on nutrition and which foods really do help your hair. Or alternatively sign up to our mailing list to receive regular information and offers at http://eepurl.com/clJqE5

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