Can hair loss (Traction Alopecia) be caused by wearing hair too tight?

When following the latest hair trends the last thing that is likely to cross your mind is the long-term effect these styles may have on your hair, resulting in hair loss (Traction Alopecia). Different cultures, styles or sporting pursuits can be the cause of lasting damage.

Many African cultures may tie their hair in tight braids – especially when the hairline is pulled back against the direction that it is trying to grow. After many years of these styles it is common to see the perimeter of the hair (hair line and sides of the head) start to recede and reduce back. After years of this the resultant effect is that the hair will no longer grow, as if it has been waxed away, and has given up.

Asian cultures who are especially common with traditional parted styles may be effected in a similar way. After many years with a part in the same place, they will notice that their hair’s direction of growth has changed and the hair is permanently pre-disposed to the part. This may lessen the density on one side of the head or hairline creating an un-evenness.

And too the sports person or style icon – maybe as a gymnast or ballerina you are required to wear hair in a tightly pulled back style which could eventually lead to a similar type of hair loss caused by the traction or constant pulling. One example of this is ex ballerina Diva Hollands who started to lose her hair at the age of thirteen. Diva began dancing at a very young age and after years of wearing her hair back in tight buns her hairline began to recede.

After years of her hairline becoming worse and experiencing bullying Diva decided to get expert advice and correct her hair line in order to try and also restore her self-esteem. She received a hair transplant that took hair follicles from an area at the back of her head and moved them to fill in her sparse hairline. After years of losing all of her confidence and not being able to openly talk about her hair loss issues Diva has now spoke out in hope of warning others about the devastating effects wearing your hair too tight can have on your hair.

Mark Ireland, one of the IHS Senior Expert Consultants said, “More and more woman are coming to our clinics for consultations with the fear that they are experiencing permanent hair loss. The hair loss can be because of numerous reasons, but one that is common is Traction Alopecia caused by repeated pulling of the hair against the direction of growth; many of these women are then using hair extensions or braids to cover the loss they are experiencing which will only make the problem worse in the long run”.

Whether you have spent years worrying about your hair line, or if you’ve just started to notice your hair loss and are worrying that this could be progressively getting worse, you can visit International Hair Studio for a free consultation. Here you will receive expert knowledge to help you manage your hair loss. We understand that not everyone’s hair loss experience is the same, so we tailor our treatments to each of our clients to help them achieve the best results.

International Hair Studio prides itself on only giving honest and expert advice. We will tell you if you are experiencing hair loss that needs treatment, analyze the cause of this loss and suggest to you the very best treatment.

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